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Free Patterns

 The FREE patterns here were created by an amatuer stitcher whose intent is to inspire needlecrafters to create their own photo to cross-stitch designs. The designs are not perfect and you may find conflicts. If you encounter mistakes,or errors or wish to comment on any part of the website, please email .


Patterns are stored in PDF File Format and require Adobe Reader for viewing and printing.

If you don't already have Adobe Reader you can download the latest version at this site

 All Patterns are stored and  viewed in black and white "Symbol" format.

Layden With Stitches does not design custom designs. The site was created to help teach needlecrafters to create their own patterns. You are encouraged to e-mail for help on any of your designs or any free patterns on this page or the Archive Page.



Greek Doorway-Original photograph by

Lea Hansen

Colosseum of Rome-Original photograph by

Shanon Baldwin


Iris on Black - Click on Image


Pink Flower - click on image

With This Ring