Cross Stitch Software Programs

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Links to some of the most popular cross-stitch software programs available for PCs.


Pattern Maker for Cross Stitch

PatternMaker also has a Yahoo Group you can join and participate in all discussions concerning work with the PatternMaker software by Hobbyware.

Murphy's Designs is a site that offers videos on how to make the most of your PatternMaker Program

PC Stitch by M & R Technologies, Inc.

Mark Miller of M&R Technologies explains the concept of sizing an import (the size jump that occurs when you go from pixels to stitches).

A pixel on most monitors is usually in the area of .01 inches. On a 14 count cloth, a stitch is about .07 inches. Since a stitch is 7 times as big as a pixel, a picture that looks about 5 inches wide on the screen would have to be done on a 35 inch wide canvas.

PCStitch now has PCStitch Pro

PCStitch also has a forum where you can interact with other stitchers that use PCStitch products.

* new  Stitches 1.0 (Mac)



Cross Stitch Professional 2003 from DP Software

 Easy Stitch 
System STFM/STe. Falcon and TT compatible but not enhanced


Stitch Craft

Easy Grapher

X-Stitch Studio   (Windows and Mac)

Stitch Crafts Gold (Windows and Mac)


Stitch Painter  (Windows and Mac)

PM Stitch Creator

Seeker Software

Design your own photo quilts, plastic canvas, beadwork and mosaic projects!


PixelStitch - Links on the Home page have a wealth of information.

PixelStitch also has a Yahoo Group for those that wish to ask questions andget expert help with their PixelStitch software.

Photo to Stitch    from Semco

 marketed throughout Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia and Europe.

From Focus MultiMedia you can obtain these programs

CrossStitcher Card & Pattern Maker

Jane Greenoff's Cross Stitch Designer

Jane Greenoff's Ultimate Cross Stitch Pack

Royal School of Needlework



Free Programs


This program is windows based and  a work in progress with continuous updates.  Wonderful effort by the developer who needs to be commended. There are also a variety of free patterns sent in by users of the program. Perhaps you would like to create a pattern for Stitch too.


KG-Chart from Keiji Ikuta Labratory

Offers a downloadable stitch program and  a very interesting look at the complexities of designing a cross-stitch program from scratch.


KXStitch is being developed for Linux using KDE/QT.


Instant Photo to Cross Stitch Designing

without Software   (needs internet access) offers a free design maker from your image

Pic2Point offers free chart generator that turns your photo to cross-stitch pattern and printable chart.

Dark Lilac offers a image to chart generator to create your own cross-stitch chart offers a free Caption Maker

Patterns For You offers a free program for beaders and cross stitch

An alternative that may be helpful are transparent grids which correspond to fabric counts, such as the product at this  link-


Other software of interest

          Glass Eye 2000 by Dragonfly Software

               the premier software for stained glass design




                  Create your celtic designs